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Empower your art buying with Art Money Buyer's Premium 

With Art Money, you can buy the art you love and pay over time, flat monthly fee applies.

What is Art Money Buyer’s Premium?

Art Money Buyer’s Premium enables you to buy from any art seller globally and pay over time, for a flat monthly fee. 

It differs from Art Money Interest Free which enables you to buy from 1,900+ partner galleries globally in 10 monthly payments, interest-free.

With Art Money Buyer's Premium you pay over time, for a flat monthly fee. Commonly used by collectors when negotiating prices of buying from auction. 

Why you’ll love Art Money Buyer’s Premium

Feel good about buying art

Be ready to move quickly

Spreading the cost of your purchase over time means you can buy the art you love responsibly and guilt free.

With a pre-approved art budget and cash flow sorted, you're ready to move quickly when you find the art you love.

It’s fast, easy and secure

Of the art world, for the art world

By using leading edge technology including encryption and face biometic ID so we know it's you, your data is always kept secure and confidential.

We're a founder led art fintech backed by Christie's Ventures and 135 early stage investors; supporting artists and a sustainable creative economy.

“Spreading out payments has made art purchases the perfect way to bring art into my life."

John S.

Doctor and Art Money Client

How it works in 4 simple steps





Apply for Art Money

Find an artwork you love

Art Money it.


Apply in 5 minutes. Get approved in real time.

From Theodore Bruce Auctioneers & Valuers, online 

or in person.

Confirm your purchase with the seller and provide Art Money with your invoice and artwork details. Accept our offer online. A minimum 10% deposit, payment 1 is paid to either the seller or Art Money.

The artwork is yours today! The balance will be auto deducted monthly, including a flat monthly Buyer’s Premium fee. 

Apply for Art Money

Find an artwork you love

Art Money it.